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The house for YOUR CHILD

Equal opportunity should not be just a catchphrase! 

The Vienna Federal Boarding School AM HIMMELHOF, a state-run boarding school for girls and boys, is open to children and adolescents aged 10 and over.

Our pupils have the opportunity to be taught in the boarding school buildings themselves (AHS lower secondary school with emphasis on science/relocated classes of the GRG (academic secondary school and secondary school with emphasis on science) 15 Diefenbachgasse), or they can attend a wide range of different types of school from here:


  • Cooperative secondary school (KMS) and economic secondary school (WMS) (in the immediate vicinity))
  • All types of general education secondary school (AHS)
  • Various types of upper academic secondary school (e.g. music secondary school)
  • Vocational lower and upper secondary schools (HTL – technical college, HAK – commercial college, HAS – commercial school…)

The Vienna Federal Boarding School, “AM HIMMELHOF”, is located in the 13th municipal district of Vienna, in the green belt of Vienna. It was built in 1962 as a boarding school and was renovated and extended in 1994–95. In the school year 2012–13, the rooms in the school were refurnished and fitted with showers/WCs. The school has its own multi-purpose court and gardens for numerous sports activities – mini football, basketball, field hockey, athletics, and more. The older pupils will appreciate the good residential location and the fast transport link to the city centre (U4).

DAY BOARDING SCHOOL – after-school care Mon–Fri till 5pm
Cost: €178.- (inc. meals)

Flexible study periods help 10–14-year-old pupils to adapt their working and learning behaviour to their own personal requirements while still learning under guidance. Trained teachers and supervisors are happy to provide advice and assistance. There is also the option to attend special needs classes or receive individual tutoring for extra support, depending on the child’s needs. The school teachers and afternoon supervisors work together closely to ensure the educational and organisational conditions are optimally coordinated for the pupils taught in the school. It is important to us that the written homework and essential learning are done in the school. Furthermore, we offer a full range of leisure activity options, including sports, music, and cultural activities.

Cost: €349.- (inc. accommodation and meals Mon–Sun)

For our 10–19-year-old pupils, we offer a pleasant environment in double and triple rooms with optional wireless internet connection. Our boarding school is organised into groups. There are two supervisors (changing over each day) responsible for each group round the clock. In addition, we are one of the few boarding schools in Vienna to offer our pupils weekend supervision (at no additional cost). Washing machines and tumble dryers may be used for a small fee to cover costs. An annual fee is set for supervision, accommodation, and meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as snacks), which is to be paid in 10 monthly instalments.

  • Computer room
  • Common rooms for upper secondary pupils
  • Leisure room for lower secondary pupils
  • Sports facilities in the garden area (football, basketball, 60m sprint, long jump…)
  • In winter: tobogganing and bobsleighing on the Himmelhofwiese meadow
  • Table tennis, table football, billiards, fitness room
  • Library
  • Trips to the swimming pools, ice-skating, to the museum…
  • Theatre, cinema, and concert outings
  • Instrumental music (guitar, piano, flute, drums)

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